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Posted: Friday, February 14, 2014 9:30 AM

Tantra Massage and /Or Prostate Massage
Hi, my name is Jade//////////////// It is common for a man's prostate to start to enlarge after age 40. Prostate massage (also known as prostate milking) has a long history of use as a way to enhance a man’s sexual abilities. Traditionally, men who engaged in lots of sexual activity, such as those who had harems or many wives, hired a doctor or monk to give them an occasional prostate massage so they could maintain their sexual prowess./////////////// While one in six men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, studies show that prostate massage helps to reduce the risks. In addition, men who have tried it show an increase in libido, sexual performance and satisfaction. Prostate massage is also helpful in treating prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland) as well as hemorrhoids and fissures. Prostate massage has been quite helpful in treating ejaculation issues as well as erectile dysfunction (ED).
/////////// Letter from a Customer:

Just a note to let you know that I have visited Jade and I have been helped enormously by her prostate massage.
And it is fun at the same time. Ever wonder what it would feel like to have your g-spot manipulated. WOW!!!!!!! And if you don't have any prostate problems yet, you will, the prostate massage helps prevent any problems that will happen in the future.
I developed a severe case of prostatitis following a prostate biopsy. The biopsy was negative for cancer, but left me in severe pain. My PSA was ever so slightly elevated, so my HMO insisted on a biopsy. If I'd known then what I know now about the prostate, I would *never* have let them near me with that needle, at least, not at this time.

I've never had prostatitis before. The condition was definitely precipitated by the biopsy.

After four months of varying agony, and no help to speak of from two different HMO docs (who both recommended 6 months of Cipro, which I refused), and no help from a private urologist I consulted, who wanted to biopsy my bladder, after Levaquin treatment failed (just what I needed, another invasive treatment)...I went for 6 weeks without any drugs (other than Motrin, and Urol-Q, which I believe did actually reduce the inflammation somewhat).

Then, I went to Jade who gave me an *extremely* vigorous prostate massage and drainage. I then went back to doctor and they took a 5-day culture of prostate fluid. No pathogen was found.

I felt much improved (say, 60% better) one week after the massage.

I went back for a second massage one week later.and today, one week later, I feel about 85% improved.

After four months of agony, this is nothing short of miraculous to me. My bladder symptoms are all but gone. My perineal pain is all but gone. I still have urinary hesitation that I did not have before the biopsy, but I have hope that with additional massages that symptom too may resolve.
I tried draining myself, but my finger isn't long enough to do the job right. I can get some contact with the gland, and that does seem to have a mild pain-reduction effect, but it's nothing compared to a real prostate massage.
Stay away from the mechanical devices or anything like that, you may not do it right, a professional, like Jade, is the best way to go.
Prostate massage has nearly resolved my problem. So clearly, it can help.

I've been on two 30 mile bicycle rides in the last two weeks, which is pretty amazing, since I've been unable to ride at all for the last four months. I'm using the Selle-Anatomica leather saddles, which can be found on the web. I recommend them highly. The Spyderflex saddle is also a usable product if you really are hurting, but you want to ride.

I also changed my diet completely the last four months, but that's another story, and the changes did not have any obvious effect on my condition. Massage is really the only thing that has resolved the problem.

I think it's possible the biopsy gave me an infection, an infection the Levaquin killed, but the inflammation remained. The massage seems to have made all the difference in resolving the inflammation. I'll be going back for more massages, until this thing is gone.

My warning to *anyone* considering a prostate biopsy: don't get one immediately. A month, or even three months, will likely make no difference if you have a slightly elevated PSA.
Try other methods of reducing PSA/gland-size first. Urologists are trained to cut, or give drugs. I'm convinced now that most have no clue about other methods of reducing PSA. I would never get a biopsy on one PSA reading only, if it's below 4.0. At some point you may have to get a biopsy to rule out cancer, but be careful about it, that's all. I wasn't careful enough, and I paid for it.
Get a couple of prostate massages first.
Based on my reading, and experience, most urologists would biopsy every damned male on the planet if they could. This is clearly wrong. It's also clear why they want to do it; but that doesn't make it right.

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